• 7 years of exceptional service

    I’ve been a client of Mike’s for years. He is one of Colorado’s top Attorneys. He has an exceptional knowledge of the law and is extremely well spoken and well versed. I appreciate his attention to detail and truly believe he has a vested interested in you personally as a client. Angelica is also a definite asset. If you want your ex-spouse to be nervous, hire Mike. My ex went through four Attorneys to try and handle him. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to win!

  • Highly Recommend and Refer this Attorney – Family Law – Grandparent Rights

    Without hesitation, Mr. Switzer was professional, personable, effective and efficient in a family legal matter concerning grandparent rights. Mr. Switzer was a calming and rational influence during the entire case and together we pursued what was in the child’s best interest. He kept me apprised of all phases and scheduled response times. Mr. Switzer always listened to my concerns and was fair and honest with potential outcomes. I felt we worked as a team. Because of his in-depth knowledge and expertise in family law, I was provided grandparent visitations and I now spend family time with my granddaughter without conflict. I’m thankful and grateful to have had Mr. Switzer as my attorney.

  • Knowledgeable and Well Prepared

    Mike has been representing me in a very high conflict case for three years now. First, during my divorce and now through a battle over parenting time and parental rights.

    He’s kept on top of everything. Nothing has ever been filed late with the court and he’s always made sure that my end of the work has been completed on time as well.

    Mike has a very easy manner in the courtroom, but knows when and how to become more aggressive if the situation requires it. Personally, I prefer “aggressive Mike”, but it’s best to just step back and trust him to approach the issues as he sees best.

    Additionally, he has always researched issues thoroughly, been well prepared, and I have never seen him caught off guard. Actually, seeing him so well prepared that he’s rendered opposing counsel unable to provide intelligent responses is enough reason alone to recommend his services.

    Mike has always been extremely professional, straight forward, and supportive throughout the entire process. While encouraged to remain hopeful during these difficult times, I’ve never been fed false expectations and this has been very important to me.

    Last, and most importantly, Mike firmly believes in sticking to the high road. Even in the midst of many underhanded things being done to me, he insisted that I remain level headed, continue to approach the issues without sinking to the opposition’s level, and to always keep my focus on my little boy rather than allowing myself to be pulled into separate conflicts being created to distract from the true issues.

    Not only can you put your faith in Mike to work extremely hard for you, but you’ll also be able to look at yourself in the mirror everyday while you employ his services.

  • You are the best Mr. Michael.
    Feras Derany

    Mr. Michael answered my question and gave me direct and straight forward consultation, he also replied to my comments and private question to him.. i am really so thankful and appreciative to his work ethics and values… and i would diffidently use his services and recommend him.

  • Total confidence

    Michael Switzer took over my child support reduction case at the last hour. We had two weeks before the hearing and He and his team performed at the highest level. I wanted an attorney with a winners attitude and that’s what I got with the Switzer Law Firm.